Agrihoods Across The Country

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Agrihoods are sprouting up all over the country. And it’s no wonder! These progressive neighborhoods are prioritizing fresh, healthy food and community above all.

Residents are excited about this new lifestyle and are embracing the idea of a sustainable food system in a cooperative environment. They’re giving farm-to-table to a whole new meaning!

Ditching the traditional neighborhood developments, agrihoods are attracting those seeking community and looking to get back to their roots.

See how agrihoods are changing lives across the country. We’ve outlined some of our favorite agrihoods, below! As an agrihood-in-the-making, we hope to create the same kind of positive impact as these established communities.

Serenbe Community

Right outside of Atlanta metropolitan area lies the gorgeous Serenbe, a wellness community connected to nature. A play on the idea of “be serene”, Serenbe’s name reflects the tranquility and connection woven throughout the unique community.   

This agrihood is marked by a village comprised of four hamlets, each with its own specific focus. From arts and agriculture to wellbeing and education, each hamlet serves to enrich its residents’ lives.  

Serenbe also has an impressive 25-acre organic farm, a seasonal farmer’s market, a thriving CSA program, and year-round cultural events. It’s truly an agrihood that creates a connected experience for its residents and the community at large.


Image from Serenbe


South Village

South Village is an agrihood located in Vermont. It’s also Vermont’s first agrihood! South Village is designed to merge two important traditions: open space and village living. It’s located in the heart of the beautiful Champlain Valley.

This conservation community offers a lot of fun for its residents–there’s cycling and cross-country skiing paths, community gardens, and a 4-acre, organic farm.

Another cool feature of South Village is its one-acre, 528-panel solar array that produces carbon-free electricity for the entire South Village village, the farm, and the City of South Burlington, Vermont.


Across the country, in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, is Agritopia, a homestead that has morphed into a thriving agrihood centered around an urban farm.

Today, Agritopia is home to over 450 homes as well as commercial, agricultural, and open space regions. Their farm offers a beautiful citrus grove, rows of heirloom vegetables, and even animals! They currently have chicken and lambs on the property.

Agritopia has created a cooperative community that encourages giving among its residents. It prides itself on the close-knit connections among its residents and has ample measures to promote connection. Agritopia features parks, low fences, shady sidewalks, gardens, restaurants, and shops, all designed to promote a barrier-free lifestyle.

Another amazing aspect of Agritopia is their one-of-a-kind makerspace building, Barnone. With 12 of Arizona’s top craftsmen, Barnone functions as a community space for makers to create and sell their handcrafted goods. From experimental winemakers to restaurateurs and woodworkers, locals and visitors can enjoy the artisan trades of this makerspace.

Image from Agritopia



Willsford believes in slow food, connecting to the land, and getting to know your neighbors. Situated in Loudoun County, Virginia, Willowsford is a truly impressive agrihood. It has over 4,000 acres and four distinctive villages that create the entire community.

What’s even better is that over half of the Willsford land is dedicated to open space. About 300 acres of the Wilsford land is used to generate over 150 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Willsford also raises several kinds of livestock on their land too! Both their harvest and their livestock are enjoyed throughout the community as part of the CSA program and farm stand.


Image from Willsford


The Cannery

Fun fact: The Cannery sits on the site of a former tomato canning factory! This agrihood is just one mile from downtown Davis in Northern California.  

The Cannery is home to 100 acres of land, complete with 547 solar-powered homes. This farm-to-table community is focused on a goal of net zero consumption. It includes such things like electric charging stations, solar panels, and organic farming to work towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Residents enjoy plenty of fresh produce and CSA educational opportunities thanks to The Cannery’s own 7.4 on-site farm. The Cannery is truly paradise in Northern California!

Bucking Horse

Bucking Horse is a planned farm community that focuses on access to quality food and food education. Nestled in Fort Collins, Colorado, Bucking Horse was built around two historic farms and has built a thriving network of local small businesses in their Jessup Farm Artisan Village.

There’s no shortage of awesome activities for residents to participate in. The city of Fort Collins is also building a 6-acre park in the heart of Bucking Horse, and the site offers a 5K trail network, a swimming pool, an on-site farm, and a clubhouse.

Bucking Horse is built around the ideals of healthy living and a connected community. The community encourages its residents to live a more fulfilled life by connecting not only with each other but the land as well.


Photo from Bucking Horse


Prairie Crossing

A self-described conservation community, Prairie Crossing is a community started from a coalition of neighbors determined to preserve the value of their land.

Located in Grayslake, Illinois, this widely acclaimed community is designed to combine the preservation of land, easy commuting by train, and responsible development practices.

This agrihood is made up of 400 homes on 675 acres of gorgeous land. Prairie Crossing also includes a 100-acre organic farm that offers both educational and CSA programming.

All this and more make it clear why this progressive community has been considered a national example of how to design a community that supports a better way of life.


Photo from Prairie Crossing


 We’ve taken a tour of all some of the amazing agrihoods growing across the country and seen how people everywhere are getting excited about farm-to-table-living. Are you as excited as we are for this new wave of sustainable, connected living?!

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