New Homes Planned for North River Farms

We like to dream big.That’s why we pulled out all the stops when creating our housing vision for North River Farms. Our goal? To bridge the gap between rural agriculture, place-making, and education.North River Farms will include a community core, four distinct villages and a life dedicated to the pursuit of a holistic lifestyle.Counting down […]

4 Ways You Can Support North River Farms

At North River Farms, we envision a better, brighter future.We want to build a connected farm community that values its residents, its land, and its food. And, we want to make a positive impact on the health and happiness of Oceanside and the surrounding communities.But, we can’t go this alone. We need your help to […]

What’s Seasonality Got to Do With it?

In Southern California, we’re fortunate enough to have long growing seasons and the freshest produce, all year round. But seasonality is a phenomenon that drives the cycle of the harvest for our state and farms across the country. Are you unfamiliar with harvest seasonality? Sit back, relax, and walk with us through the phenomenon that […]

9 Fun Facts About North River Farms

At North River Farms, we’re taking a unique approach to building community. We’re aiming to provide a holistic life — one that connects our neighbors, our farms, and our future residents. Our community will honor traditions, protect and grow natural resources. From our abundant farmland all the way to our education center, we’re looking to […]

What’s An Agrihood?

You may be wondering: what is an agrihood? If you’re not sure or have never the word “agrihood” before, fear not: we can help! Agrihoods are a new trend popping up across the country. They stem from the idea of farm-to-table eating, urban farming, food co-ops, and community supported agriculture (or CSA). The idea of […]

Agrihoods Across The Country

Agrihoods are sprouting up all over the country. And it’s no wonder! These progressive neighborhoods are prioritizing fresh, healthy food and community above all. Residents are excited about this new lifestyle and are embracing the idea of a sustainable food system in a cooperative environment. They’re giving farm-to-table to a whole new meaning! Ditching the […]