A New Firehouse for South Morro Hills

Does the thought of another fire in North County worry you? Do you wish Oceanside had more resources to respond to brush fires before they get out of control? Then you need to say YES to a new fire department in South Morro Hills! It’s no surprise that fire safety is top of mind for […]

9 Facts About North River Farms

At North River Farms, we’re taking a unique approach to building community. We’re aiming to provide a holistic life — one that connects our neighbors, our farms, and our future residents. Our community will honor traditions, protect and grow natural resources. From our abundant farmland all the way to our education center, we’re looking to […]

North County Home Prices North River Farms
Who Can Afford a New Home at North River Farms in Oceanside?

Contrary to what you might believe, homeownership in San Diego is not out of the realm of possibility. While San Diego remains one of the higher priced areas in the nation for housing, North County has continued to remain in the range where the average couple living and working in San Diego can make a […]

Road Improvements North River Farms
North River Farms Will Bring Much Needed Traffic Improvements

Traffic is the number one issue that is brought up in response to new development. In the Oceanside neighborhood of North River Farms traffic flow and road standards are failing and the city does not have the resources to fix all of the needed improvements. North River Farms is committed to helping be part of […]


Imagine shopping for local produce from a solar-powered farmers market, sampling delights from local artisans at a collaborative makerspace and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family on sprawling village greens.  Welcome to the Village Core at North River Farms. Watch this video to see more about our vision for the Village Core! We’re […]

Take a Tour: A Virtual Look at The Farm

The Farm at North River Farms is the heart of our sustainable, agrihood community. It ties together an impressive 30 acres of fertile lands in Oceanside, California with a bustling community. With features like The Farmstand, residents and visitors alike can delight in straight-from-the-vine produce, locally grown food, and artisan creations in one convenient place. […]