Take a Tour: A Virtual Look at The Farm

The Farm at North River Farms is the heart of our sustainable, agrihood community. It ties together an impressive 30 acres of fertile lands in Oceanside, California with a bustling community. With features like The Farmstand, residents and visitors alike can delight in straight-from-the-vine produce, locally grown food, and artisan creations in one convenient place. […]

What’s Seasonality Got to Do With it?

In Southern California, we’re fortunate enough to have long growing seasons and the freshest produce, all year round. But seasonality is a phenomenon that drives the cycle of the harvest for our state and farms across the country. Are you unfamiliar with harvest seasonality? Sit back, relax, and walk with us through the phenomenon that […]

Video: The North River Farms Vision

North River Farms will weave 30 acres of farmland into the community and offer Craftsman and American Farm style single-family detached homes, bike, and equestrian trails, recreation centers, a commercial center for local artisan retail and a solar-powered farmers market on the village green. All built for high sustainability and energy efficiency, of course! Watch […]