What’s a Makerspace?

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You may have heard that North River Farms will feature a makerspace. Unsure of what that means?

Think artisans + collaboration.

A makerspace is a collaborative space where people gather to get creative, make incredible products, and inspire those around them. From technology to art, makerspaces have been adopted as a new, effective way for people to work together.

At North River Farms, our makerspace will be a collaborative space for skilled artisans to make and sell their handcrafted goods. By providing essential support to these local artisans in the form of tools and workspace, we hope to benefit not only these craftsmen, but also our residents and the community at large. We want to support their businesses and enrich the lives of our residents and locals by sharing their unique crafts.

Read on to learn what else goes into making a makerspace!  

Making a Maker

Makers can really be anyone. Anyone who creates, that is. Makers are artists, crafters, builders, painters, woodworkers, inventors, bakers, or knitters.


Makers are drawn to makerspaces because they can be surrounded by like-minded individuals. They can share resources, knowledge, networks and can work on projects and even build things together.

At our makerspace, our makers will include a range of local artisans. It could even be you!

Creating Community

Makerspaces come in all different shapes and sizes but they have one common theme: they all serve as a gathering point for creatives to come together and make something incredible.

Fostering a sense of community is a defining feature of makerspaces. These spaces not only enable making, but act as a gathering place where connections flourish. Makers collaborate together, spend time together, and share their creations with visitors.

With our North River Farms makerspace, we hope to create this same kind of community: where individuals can come together and enjoy the beauty in local, artisan crafts.

Getting Creative

Makerspaces are all about encouraging creativity. They’re designed to transport us out of the increasingly digital world we all find ourselves in nowadays. They encourage a new perspective and offer the opportunity to be present and connect with those and the world around you.

To do so, makerspaces provide their makers with the space, tools, and materials necessary to create. What’s important is that the makerspace supports the idea that anything is possible.

Setting the makers up for success means establishing the right systems that support endless creativity and collaboration.


Makerspace Inspiration

One of our favorite makerspaces is Barnone in Arizona. Barnone describes itself as a community where talented craftsmen make and sell their own goods.

At Barnone, visitors can enjoy twelve of Arizona’s best makers. From woodworkers to experimental winemakers, restaurateurs and more, Barnone provides an enriching experience for any visitor.


Image from Barnone

We hope to create this same type of creative, collaborative environment at North River Farms. Just like Barnone, we want to share the skills of local artisans with our residents and the surrounding communities.

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