What’s An Agrihood?

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You may be wondering: what is an agrihood?

If you’re not sure or have never the word “agrihood” before, fear not: we can help!

Agrihoods are a new trend popping up across the country. They stem from the idea of farm-to-table eating, urban farming, food co-ops, and community supported agriculture (or CSA).

The idea of an agrihood takes these concepts a bit further by positioning agriculture as an integral part of community planning.

Put simply, they are neighborhood communities built around the centerpiece of a working farm. Agrihoods want to make their residents feel connected–not only to their homes and their neighbors but to the land they live on.

Learn what else makes agrihoods just so farm-tastic, below.

Farm Focused

The defining feature of an agrihood is its centerpiece: the working farm. In this type of neighborhood, agriculture isn’t just an amenity, it’s a way of life. The farm acts as the central meeting place, where residents come together, socialize and learn.

Instead of the traditional golf course or country club, residents in agrihoods enrich their lives by interacting with the farm and the food that comes from it.

Agrihoods are also designed to incorporate tons of open space. Parks, trails, gardens, and beautiful expanses of land are central to the typical agrihood design. The idea behind this is to merge the concept of home with outdoor, natural living.


Educated Experiences

One of the best things about an agrihood is that they’re not just about eating quality, local food.

The agrihood community is more about participating in the life of a working farm and forging a deeper connection with the land.

Agrihoods actively work to educate their current residents and future generations. From young to old, everyone in an agrihood community can get their hands dirty and truly learn what it’s like to grow their own food.

Residents have ample opportunities to familiarize themselves with agriculture. From harvesting crops to tending to the community garden plants, agrihoods aim to educate their residents with every experience.


Health Focused

Agrihoods carve out a holistic approach to health. By prioritizing agriculture, whole food, community connection, and outdoor living, there are a number of practical and emotional benefits to agrihood living.

For example, agrihood residents can lead a healthier lifestyle through easy access to locally grown food and outdoor recreation. Enjoying the bounty of the local harvest and frequently getting outdoors to exercise can promote optimal wellness and health in all agrihood residents.

What’s more is that there are also emotional benefits to living in an agriculturally integrated community. Growing, gathering, harvesting, and enjoy food with your neighbors has shown to be a socially rewarding pursuit.  

And, through carefully designed neighborhood layouts, agrihood residents often feel the benefits of close-knit communities. They get to know their neighbors, their shop owners, and the tenant farmers. These kinds of deep social connections can have lasting emotional benefits for any resident.


Community Benefits

Agrihoods not only provide their residents with locally grown food, recreation space, and farmland, they also provide their surrounding communities with a few, key benefits.  

Many agrihoods often host a weekly or even daily farm stand or farmer’s market. Residents and locals alike can enjoy the wonders of locally grown, high-quality food.

Locals from surrounding communities are also encouraged to participate in the agricultural experience. Agrihoods often hold many educational events open to the public or offer opportunities to get involved on their farms.

So, do you feel like you have a better idea of what makes an agrihood? We hope so! If you’re searching for more information, connect with us on social. 

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