North River Farms

How to Advocate for North River Farms

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Are you here because you love the vision for North River Farms? Fantastic! We’re excited to welcome you to the North River Farms team.

Now, more than ever, we need to express the positive support of our community vision to the City Council of Oceanside so North River Farms can become a true reality for our city.

We’ve created a helpful toolkit for you to use to share your support for our project. Feel free to copy and paste some of the sample posts below to your own social media channels to express your support for #wewantNRF #livenrftoday!

Keep scrolling to get inspired and see how you can be an advocate for the North River Farms project.


Are you ready to make your support Facebook official? Below, you’ll find a number of ways you can advocate for our project on your own Facebook page:

  • Hey friends! Check out North River Farms. I really love their sustainable farming vision for Oceanside. They need our support. So join me in Liking their Page.

  • I support North River Farms. Do you? Visit to discover how you can share your support and help make their sustainable community vision a reality for Oceanside’s future.

  • Love North River Farm’s vision for a sustainable farm community in Oceanside? Now’s the time to share your support! Visit to learn how you can help make this dream community a reality right here in San Diego.  



A little bird told us Twitter is a great way to share your support for a cause to a whole bunch of people…so let’s get tweeting! Here are a few sample Tweets you can use to advocate for  North River Farms.

  • Have you checked out North River Farms? I’m all for the sustainable, farming community they would like to establish in Oceanside. Visit to learn how you can get involved with their inspiring mission! #Oceanside #Farming #LiveNorthRiverFarms

  • Did you know? Just 1 letter can determine whether or not North River Farms becomes a reality in Oceanside. Help make this sustainable farming community come to life and learn how you can get involved, here:


And, if you’re not one for many words, you do not have to worry. We’ve created a series of graphics you can drag, drop to your own desktop or phone, save, and upload to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Here are a couple of graphics you can share on your social platforms:

support_north_river_farms_oceanside support_north_river_farms_projectBottom Line

There’s no one way to show your support for North River Farms. If the posts above don’t speak to you, we encourage you to create your own!

The most important way to support North River Farms is by speaking out.  Let the policy makers know that you are engaged and that you like the idea by sending a Support Letter.

  • Support Letters: Writing letters to the City Council Members of Oceanside is one of the single most important ways you can help this project come to fruition. We’ve tried to make it easier by giving you a start. You can leave it as is, or personalize it.  The letter will go to all of the City Council Members expressing your support for NRF. Visit to auto-send, download or copy this support letter to express the need for a sustainable farm community in Oceanside.

Still searching for ways you can get connected to our project? We’re always coming up with new ways for our supporters to get involved! Sign up for our Email Newsletter to get on the inside track for support opportunities and upcoming events.

North River Farms is an upcoming community in Oceanside that aims to inspire a healthier lifestyle by being a sustainable, agriculturally connected neighborhood. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the health and happiness of our future residents, Oceanside, and surrounding communities. Keep the conversation going and connect with us on social! We’re looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you.