North River Farms is an approved project designed to create a sustainable, connected farm community coming soon to Oceanside California.
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North River Farms

Our Story

North River Farms is a unique approach to building community. The design will provide a holistic lifestyle – one that interweaves neighbors, our farms and the diverse people that call us home… making this San Diego County’s first agrihood!

This thriving ecological village is connected to the land and its agricultural legacy. North River Farms reimagines quality of life by building a multigenerational neighborhood that honors traditions, protects and grows natural resources, fosters imagination, and enhances the beauty and purpose of Oceanside.

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Come Join Us

Come Join Us

North River Farms will be a new approach to community – and is the first agrihood in San Diego County! We are connecting people with each other to be better stewards of the land, using farming and education as a catalyst for change and community gathering. We are working together to make our community safer, our schools stronger, our farms more sustainable and access to our housing more attainable.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community that enhances the quality of life for all of Oceanside and creates a place for all to enjoy. We will improve public safety, inspire healthier living and be a catalyst to a new era of agricultural understanding, while preserving the integrity of the region’s farmland. North River Farms will be a place to connect with each other and build a life for future generations.

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Nort River Farms


North River Farms is committed to providing the highest quality of life through community, farming and sustainability. We’re bringing generations together in a unique environment offering state-of-the-art, eco-friendly homes in clustered villages so families can thrive, learn and grow.

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Nort River Farms
North River Farms

As a unique opportunity to future residents, North River Farms will offer a tight-knit locale where residents of multiple generations are a part of a sustainable, purposeful way of life. Even the surrounding neighborhoods are built into the heart of our community — as schools, tourists, and local residents have access to events and learning opportunities within North River Farms.


We will use agriculture as a catalyst for the neighborhood by incubating small-scale farms and businesses that co-exist with our community — providing benefits to farmers, residents, the local community, and the environment at large.


This highly sustainable community looks to help reduce the carbon footprint of Oceanside. Our design includes solar power, rainwater harvesting, grey water systems, energy efficient buildings, natural drainage systems for water efficiency, drought tolerance, edible landscaping, and best practice training for business.



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