North River Farms

9 Facts About North River Farms

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At North River Farms, we’re taking a unique approach to building community. We’re aiming to provide a holistic life — one that connects our neighbors, our farms, and our future residents.

Our community will honor traditions, protect and grow natural resources. From our abundant farmland all the way to our education center, we’re looking to enrich enhance the beauty and purpose of our community and Oceanside.

Discover why North River Farms isn’t your typical neighborhood. Read on to learn a few, exciting facts about our sustainable farm community of the future.


30 Acres of Farmland

We’re committed to creating a new era of agricultural connection and understanding.

That’s why we’ve put farmland first and preserved 30 acres of North River Farms to farmland. Our farm is estimated to feed 1,500 families and exists to provide benefits to farmers, residents, the local community.


10 Acres of Parks

We’re focused on making sure our future residents feel connected to the land. We’re excited to have 10 acres of parks so our residents can get outside, explore, and experience the beauty of the area.

$649,750.00 of VA/FHA Funding

At North River Farms, at least half of the homes qualify for VA/FHA funding. The VA loan limit for San Diego of $649,750.

From new homebuyers to military, or millennials looking to invest in real estate, this type of funding is essential for making our housing options at North River Farms more attainable.

Single, Detached Housing

We’re providing a lifestyle alongside agriculture. In our community, we offer detached, single family homes for sale, in the heart of a sustainable, farm community.


4 Dwelling Units Per Acre

Life at North River Farms means our residents get the benefits of low-density housing.

The overall density of North River Farms is less than 4 dwelling units per acre, ensuring that each resident gets privacy, space, and outdoor accessibility.

5 Plus Miles of Trails

Walking or running, we have 5 miles of trails at North River Farms so you can get outside and get moving. We’re all about connecting with our land and want to give residents ample opportunities to do so. 

1 Farmers Market

Each week, North River Farms will host a farmers market where residents can sample and take home delicious, local produce straight from our own farm.

But that’s not all! North River Farms will also include multiple artisan shops, a beautiful hotel, and an education center so community members and locals can explore and be enlightened by the agrihood experience.

582 Jobs

The North River Farms project will produce 582 jobs. From construction to farming, our project will create opportunities for the surrounding communities.

$670,000 Annual Revenue for Oceanside

Good news! Oceanside taxpayers will not experience a tax hike as a result of North River Farms. Our community will not cost locals any money.

In fact, North River Farms is actually estimated to produce over $670,000 in annual revenue to the City of Oceanside, annually.

25% Open Space

25% of our property is designated Open Space. This includes not only agricultural areas but also tons of recreation space.

With our project optimized for Open Space, we’re confident residents will have tons of opportunities to connect with the farm, the land, and the North River Farms agrihood community.

At North River Farms, it’s our goal to build a thriving ecological village that’s connected to the land and its agricultural legacy. We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about us.

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North River Farms is an upcoming community in Oceanside that aims to inspire a healthier lifestyle by being a sustainable, agriculturally connected neighborhood. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the health and happiness of our future residents, Oceanside, and surrounding communities. Check out our social media channels to keep the conversation going. We look forward to getting to know you!