Take a Tour: A Virtual Look at The Farm

1 minute read

The Farm at North River Farms is the heart of our sustainable, agrihood community. It ties together an impressive 30 acres of fertile lands in Oceanside, California with a bustling community.

With features like The Farmstand, residents and visitors alike can delight in straight-from-the-vine produce, locally grown food, and artisan creations in one convenient place. By including points of connection, like The Farmstand, people at North River Farms can gain a deeper insight into the land they live on and how it supports their daily lives.

The Farm at North River Farms is anticipated to include:

* Market Gardens

* Native Windows

* A Farmstand

* The Vineyard

* U-Pick Produce

* Small Farm Incubator

At the end of the day, we want The Farm, to be a place at North River Farms where people can learn, grow, and explore the lands they live on, every day.

Discover for yourself how The Farm at North River Farms serves as a connection to the land and the community. Watch the video above to explore how The Farm, The Farmstand, and The Amphitheater will function once North River Farms becomes a reality!

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