The Farm

About our farm

The Farm at NRF was created to shape the next chapter of our story and the way we want to live. With nearly 88 acres of agriculture, our farm will be a gateway to the region. The farm will harvest fresh, accessible produce and be run and managed by the Ecology Center, a regional nonprofit who will add value and experience to create and maintain a thriving education center, host community events and offer farm shares.

We bring local food and culture home, for our residents, our neighbors and our region. We are growing community and firmly believe in the value of the farm as a key piece of our growth.

What you'll find here

North River Farms will integrate a working farm into the fabric of the community. By establishing our connection to the greater food system and our society, we will bring neighborhoods back to an understanding of where food comes from, how it’s grown, and who it’s grown by, ultimately strengthening our means of connecting with each other. The farm will also harvest CSA shares and crops to be sold at the local farmers market which broadens Oceanside’s access to fresh food and ties into the rising slow food movement.

North River Farms
Market Gardens

Small, diverse, and well-managed, Market Gardens bring visual, biological, and cultural diversity back to our landscape. Agriculture should be beautiful, and it starts with putting a diversity of people and plants back at the heart of the farm. We grow food for our residents and the local community. We care for our natural resources, rebuild our soils, save precious water, and grow good clean food.

Native Windrows

We take care in creating a safe haven for wildlife while rebuilding the integrity of our ecosystems. Windrows and hedgerows protect and divide our fields while providing habitat for wildlife, attracting pollinators, filtering stormwater, and providing opportunities for exploration and discovery for all ages.

A Farmstand

Local economy is the backbone of a strong community. At North River Farms, the Farmstand is a hub for local artisans including farmers, artists, and craftspeople of all kinds, brought together to share in the bounty of the farm.

North River Farms
The Vineyard

San Diego County is seeing the birth of a new, world-class, viticulture region. With our abundant sunshine, fertile soils, and dry weather, superb Syrahs and Sangioveses will now be available from our own front yard.

U-Pick produce

Whether your the parent of a small child or a passionate foodie, few experiences prove more memorable than picking and eating fruit fresh from the field. Experience that joy year-round at North River Farms.

Small Farm Incubator

We encourage the next generation of farmers, not only through leasing land, but also through the creation of a local demand for their produce. Young farmers will have a unique opportunity to sell their bounty within sight of their fields.


The purpose of North River Farms is to bring residents and neighbors together through the connection of food and the land. We see agriculture as a catalyst for the region to promote agritourism within the community and beyond the South Morro Hills area. Our overall goal is to incubate small-scale farms and farmer-related businesses, providing benefits to farmers, residents, the local community and the environment. Agriculture will be stake-holder based, local and profitable.