Preserving History and Cultivating Memories

What makes North River Farms special?

To us, community means multi-generational living, sustainability, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and education as well as opportunities to capture elements of local agriculture and promote agritourism. The North River Farms Plan is unique in both its natural and manmade setting. The natural attributes of the site – expansive vistas, the river corridor and agricultural character – have been an attraction for many residents over the years. This design presents a rare opportunity to weave a new idea of an agriculturally based neighborhood, known as an agrihood, into the existing fabric of the Oceanside community. By integrating a high-quality concept into this cornerstone location, North River Farms will provide a unique lifestyle while also maintaining the rural character of the region.

Our Community

The village core is the heart of the community. It will feature traditional commercial space, retail and restaurant opportunities, a makers space building, an Education Center, community spaces, a farm stand, recreation and an outdoor amphitheater. Centered around a variety of housing options, the flexible village core will bring people together and establish a real sense of place. We invite you to come create your community here at North River Farms! Celebrate and gather at outdoor concerts and festivals, dine at farm-to-table restaurants, make or shop in the artisanal makers space and build a life!

The Facts

1. As part of the 585 homes, 60 units of affordable housing will be built either onsite or even closer to transit
2. Prices starting in the early $500,000’s for 1,750 SF
3. Homes within the Hilltop Village will have casitas for multigenerational buyers
4. There will be a variety of single story or master bedroom downstairs options for downsizing.
5. 50% open space
6. 88 acres of agriculture in a variety of ways
7. 16 acres of parks and recreation: 2 pools, a public dog park, a public mountain bike trail, hiking, biking, walking, bridle paths, community gathering and a public amphitheater
8. 100% of the homes will qualify for 100% financing through VA loans
9. An education outpost with free classes & workshops
10. Retail and restaurant locations
11. An artisanal maker space building with stalls for local makers
12. Improved road conditions at every intersection and road connecting to the community
13. Dedicate the land, build, staff and fund the ongoing operations for a new fire station for South Morro Hills
14. Expand the College Bridge to improve the traffic flow and evacuation route
15. Cast a vision forward for South Morro Hills by funding $1m toward a community plan
Welcome Home