A New Firehouse for South Morro Hills

2 minute read

Does the thought of another fire in North County worry you? Do you wish Oceanside had more resources to respond to brush fires before they get out of control? Then you need to say YES to a new fire department in South Morro Hills!

It’s no surprise that fire safety is top of mind for residents of North County. It’s one of the issues we have heard a lot in our conversations with the public and we want you to know that it’s top of mind for us, too. 

In the process of coming to the City of Oceanside to discuss our desire to bring North River Farms to Oceanside, the subject of fire safety and the need for a fire station was a topic that we discussed in great detail. In our commitment to create a sustainable community for generations to come, we understand that maintaining the safety of our residents is part of that sustainability ethos.

Based on recommendations by fire staff and the City of Oceanside, North River Farms has agreed to donate the following: 

  • One acre of land 

  • Financial resources to build a fire station

  • Salary for medical and fire certified staff.

  • Quick Attack Type VI Fire Engine 

Equipped with all the same basic lifesaving equipment as a larger engine, this vehicle is uniquely built to respond to medical emergencies, as well as fire events. It’s smaller and faster than a larger engine, and it’s capable of off-road travel. First responders are able to arrive on-site to fire emergency calls while they’re still small and manageable. And because medical calls represent 80% or more of the annual emergency calls in Oceanside, we are committing to the city’s recommendations to staff the station with first responders who are *certified* fire AND paramedic staff.

We’re excited to bring this and many other improvements to the South Morro Hills neighborhood!