North River Farms Will Bring Much Needed Traffic Improvements

1 minute read

Traffic is the number one issue that is brought up in response to new development. In the Oceanside neighborhood of North River Farms traffic flow and road standards are failing and the city does not have the resources to fix all of the needed improvements.

North River Farms is committed to helping be part of the solution.  As part of a $40 million dollar infrastructure investment, at no cost to taxpayers, NRF will provide the following traffic improvements: 

▪ Expand the College Bridge to 6 lanes to improve traffic flow and evacuation routes

▪ Work with Caltrans to improve all 8 intersections of the 76 

▪Widen North River Road to more than double the existing width

▪Widen Vandegrift at North River Road to add a turn lane, and contribute to the Douglas Bridge expansion.


This important issue has been top of mind for everyone through our planning process. Our goal is to improve infrastructure in the area to not only support our community but to improve yours. Even if you don’t plan to move to North River Farms but you drive these roads and would like to see them improved, we hope you will support our project. Click here to send your letter of support to Oceanside’s City Council.