Virtual Tour: The Village Core at North River Farms

2 minute read

Imagine shopping for local produce from a solar-powered farmers market, sampling delights from local artisans at a collaborative makerspace and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family on sprawling village greens.  Welcome to the Village Core at North River Farms. Watch this video to see more about our vision for the Village Core!

We’re excited to share our vision for a sustainable, farming community in Oceanside, California!  

Our goal is to bridge the gap between rural agriculture, placemaking, and education. To do so, we’re planning on weaving 30 acres of farmland into a robust community that will connect residents with agritourism, visitors and the community at large.

North River Farms will feature four distinct villages filled with Craftsman and American style single-family homes, bike and pedestrian trails, recreation centers, village greens, and more!

It will also feature the Village Core, which is designed to serve as the bustling epicenter of all social life (and farm-filled fun!) at North River Farms. We’ve designed the Core to have an active atmosphere, both day and night. Plus, the project will provide walkable connections to farmland, retail, lodging, and residential uses.

The Farmstand in the Core will serve as a hub for agritourism, where North River Farms’ residents and visitors can interact directly with farmers and food that comes from the lands they live on. By providing farmers with an added opportunity to share and sell their produce, we can not only support our local farmers but help make them successful in their agricultural endeavors.

And when it comes to supporting Oceanside, it’s not just about agriculture! The local economy is the backbone of a strong community, so we’re excited that the Core is anticipated to feature an exclusive makerspace.

The Makerspace will act as the center for local artisans, including farmers, artists, and craftspeople to share their trades with the community. We’re thrilled to be able to give talented artisans the platform and space they need to be successful.

The Core will also offer a variety of retail and mixed-use spaces as well as adjacent residential uses for residents and locals to enjoy.

For example, The Village Core is also anticipated to include a spacious, outdoor amphitheater. Perfect for park picnics, outdoor movie nights, or outdoor educational classes, we expect The Amphitheater to serve as the perfect meeting grounds.

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